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FAQ of car bogie electric resistance tempering furnace


Regarding to temperature uniformity of car bogie electric resistance tempering furnace, more details, please click the below :

1.How to ensure the uniformly temperature inside furnace for tempering furnace?

a. The heating element was processed as corrugated type and was uniformly fixed on the furnace wall according to each zone power. That can ensure temperature uniformity of tempering furnace.

b. Tightly seal between furnace door and trolley that greatly improve furnace temperature uniformity.

c. For tempering furnace,each zone installs one hot air circulating system in furnace chamber, it adopts big air volume using low pressure centrifugal fan and stainless steel hot air circulating device.This system formed circulating flow inside chamber to improve temperature uniformity of tempering furnace. Its working principle is that hot air moves down through furnace top, then hot air heat workpiece,thus, hot air continuous circulation,furnace temperature cycles is more than 20 times/min that make the furnace temperature uniformity.

2.How to ensure fan and motor normally work for tempering furnace?

Considering using safe, usually model selection of fan and motor is greater than the actual using power, so they don't fatigue work, and increase their using life. Choosing excellent quality products, debugging before delivery, we will assure their stable running. During the using process, please regularly examine and maintenance to ensure long-term reliable operation.

3.How to ensure the long-term and reliable seal between furnace door and trolley for tempering furnace?

a.Suitable design between furnace door and door frame structure. A certain distance of ceramic fiber block protrude from steel structure to ensure tightly seal.While,furnace door has up and down limit switch and APO interlocking device to ensure that it runs at stable area and avoid other damages.

b.The seal of trolley adopts double seal methods that are soft seal and sand seal to ensure that heating energy does not spill inside furnace. Steel structure of trolley is firm ,the manufacturing craft reach national standard and assure non-deformation under full loading situation to ensure seal effect.For sand seal,it should ensure full load sand and regularly check.

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