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  • bogie hearth furnace
  • electric tempering furnace
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Bogie hearth tempering furnace

  • Processing capacity:1000-30000kG
  • Rated temperature:560-700 ℃
  • Application:forging parts, casted parts,pressure vessel,Train railway,special steel plate,shaft,rotary parts,centrifugal fan impeller
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1. Introduction

Bogie hearth tempering furnace is mainly to temper the artifacts.

Of which, low temperature tempering is mainly used for various kinds of cutting tools, measuring tools, cold punching mould, bearings and carburized parts that are made of high carbon steel, after tempering the hardness is commonly HRC58-64.

Medium temperature tempering is mainly used for all kinds of springs and hot mould processing, after tempering hardness is commonly HRC35-50 .

Traditionally, we call the combination of high temperature quenching and tempering heat treatment as hardening and tempering treatment, its purpose is to obtain strength, hardness and plasticity, toughness and other better comprehensive mechanical function.

Therefore, it is widely used as the important structural components in automobiles, tractors, machine tools ,such as connecting rod, bolts, gears and shaft .After tempering hardness commonly can be HB200-330.

2. Structures

Consists of furnace shell, furnace lining, furnace door and furnace door lifting device, heating element, trolley and trolley driving device, sealing mechanism,hot air circulation system, electric control system and so on.

3. Features

1). Convenient maintenance

2). Good noise reduction function

3).Seismic resistance performance is good.

4). Trolley uses the sealing structure on both sides

5). Electricity and natural gas both can be the fuel .While, recently, natural gas is popular due to the economy of the operation, protection and energy saving, etc.

6). Hot air circulation system and guiding device is adopted to ensure the temperature uniformity in the furnace chamber.

Bogie hearth tempering furnace is mainly used in the termpering process of steel and special steel, can also be used in heat treatment of solid solution treatment of nonferrous metal, at present our products have already been used for armor plate tempering, special cutting tools tempering treatment etc.


Type No. Rated Power (Kw) Rated Temperature (℃) Theory loading quantity (Kg) Working area size diameter*length (mm)
RT2-45-6 45 650 1000 1100x550x450
RT2-60-6 60 650 1500 1200x700x550
RT2-75-6 75 650 2500 1500x800x600
RT2-90-6 90 650 3000 1800x800x750
RT2-105-6 105 650 4000 2000x900x800
RT2-120-6 120 650 5000 2100x1050x750
RT2-160-6 160 650 5000 2000x1200x1400
RT2-165-6 165 650 5000 2000x1400x920
RT2-180-6 180 650 5000 2000x1400x1600
RT2-210-6 210 650 12000 3000x1350x950
RT2-215-6 215 650 5000 2000x1400x1800
RT2-450-6 450 650 20000 5500x2150x1700
RT2-550-6 550 650 20000 5000x4200x1500
RT2-950-6 950 650 30000 8000x3500x2000

Please note:the above sizes are standard products ,we can also provide customized products according to customers' requests.


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