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  • 1Pit electric resistance furnace
  • 2Pit electric resistance furnace
  • 3Pit electric resistance furnace
  • Pit electric resistance furnace
  • 1Pit electric resistance furnace
  • 2Pit electric resistance furnace
  • 3Pit electric resistance furnace
  • Pit electric resistance furnace

Pit electric resistance furnace

  • Specification:RJ
  • Processing capacity:300-20000kg
  • Rated temperature:600-1250 ℃
  • Application:forging parts, casted parts,pressure vessel,Train railway,special steel plate,shaft,rotary parts,centrifugal fan impeller
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1. Introduction

Ceramic fiber module has been main insulation materials for the pit type electric resistance furnace of my company, the appearance can be designed into round pit type resistance furnace, or polygon pit type resistance furnace according to customers' requirements . In order to save the workpiece lifting space ,pit type resistance furnace is often installed underground, only the furnace door system is placed on the ground.

The furnace can be designed into gas carburizing furnace, gas nitriding furnace, less oxidation furnace type and so on according to the heat treatment process.

2. Structure

It consists of furnace body, furnace lining, heating elements, furnace cover, furnace cover lifting mechanism, hot air circulation system (optional), carburizing and nitriding device (optional), intelligent process control system, etc.

3. Features

1).The furnace lining contains brick structure, fiber structure, composite structure and other materials.

2).Product can be configured with hot air circulation system, rapid cooling system.

3).To meet the customers on different heat treatment process, different kinds of furnace atmosphere control system (including carbon control instrument, oxygen probe, electromagnetic valve, etc.) can be figured .

4).The furnace can be designed to be deep pit furnace especially for long axial workpiece.

5).Good corrosion resistance, especially effective for sulfur-containing atmosphere and those that is polluted by sulfur-containing substance.

6).Electrical control part is purchased from domestic famous brands, if they cannot meet your requirements, we can also supply you international famous brands, such as schneider, omron, and Siemens, etc.

Quenching, annealing, tempering, normalizing and aging heat treatment for axial, steel parts, aluminum alloy parts and other metal parts.


Type No. Rated Power  (Kw) Rated Temperature (℃) Rated Voltage (V) Phase   (P) Every area power(Kw) Heating area (zone) Theory loading quantity (Kg) Working area size diameter*length (mm)
RJ3-300-9 300 950 380 3 100 3 4.5 ф1500x3000
RJ3-360-9 360 950 380 3 90 4 6 ф1500Xx4000
RJ3-450-9 450 950 380 3 75 6 5 ф1200x7500
RJ3-450-9 450 950 380 3 56 8 5 ф1000x8000
RJ3-720-9 720 950 380 3 120 6 8 ф1700x7000









Please note:the above sizes are standard products ,we can also provide customized products according to customers' requests.


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