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Car bottom electric resistance heat treatment furnace

  • Processing capacity:1000-40000kG
  • Rated temperature:650-1200 ℃
  • Application:forging parts, casted parts,pressure vessel,Train railway,special steel plate,shaft,rotary parts,centrifugal fan impeller
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1. Introduction

Car bottom electric resistance type heat treatment furnace is one commonly used heat treatment equipment, which is famous for its wide application, simple fabrication, easy maintenance. In recent years with the development of ceramic fiber materials, our company put ceramic fiber modules into car bottom electric resistance heat treatment furnace, which has obtained very good effect and customer experience. Small and medium-sized car bottom electric resistance heat treatment furnace can adopt integral structure, without foundation installation, which can be used directly on the horizontal ground.

It is widely used for quenching, annealing, tempering, aging treatment and heat treatment for various mechanical parts, such as alloy steel, aluminum alloy, high chromium and high manganese steel castings, nodular cast iron, rolls, steel ball, 45# steel, stainless steel.

Structures: Consist of furnace body, furnace lining, furnace door and its lifting mechanism, heating element, trolley and its transmission mechanism, sealing mechanism, and the electrical control system.

2. Features

1). The furnace lining contains brick structure, fiber structure, composite structure and other materials

2). The furnace door is lifted by electric lifting mechanism, which can be equipped with electric hoist, elevator and winch. The sealing can be divided into mechanical, electric, pneumatic methods.

3). The sealing between trolley and furnace shell can be divided into sand sealing, flexible sealing, labyrinth sealing, electric push-rod sealing, cylinder pressure sealing, etc.

4). There are set with automatic power off and limit interlocks at the furnace entrance and furnace door lifting mechanism.

5). Double doors, double trolleys or more trolleys can be designed according to the actual production process, and low temperature, medium temperature, high temperature, large or extra large bogie hearth electric furnace can also be customized.

6). When the heating furnaces are used for tempering, the hot air circulation system and guiding system have to be installed to ensure the temperature uniformity.

7). The temperature measurement acceptance standard meet AMS2750E、GB/T9452-2002 .

8). Control program is famous domestic brand or imported, temperature control precision is accurate.

Car bottom electric resistance heat treatment furnace is used for annealing, tempering, quenching and normalizing heat treatment of large and medium-sized metal materials or products etc,including various machinery industries, automobile, shipbuilding, aviation, spaceflight and so on,including pressure vessels,castings,forgings and so on.


Type No. Rated Power (Kw) Rated Temperature (℃) Theory loading quantity (Kg) Working area size diameter*length (mm)
RT2-45-6 45 650 1000 1100x550x450
RT2-90-6 90 650 3000 1800x800x750
RT2-210-6 210 650 12000 3000x1350x950
RT2-215-6 215 650 5000 2000x1400x1800
RT2-450-6 450 650 20000 5500x2150x1700
RT2-950-6 950 650 30000 8000x3500x2000
RT2-90-9 90 950 1500 1500x700x600
RT2-105-9 105 950 2500 10500x800x750
RT2-320-9 320 950 12000 3000x1350x1300
RT2-420-9 420 950 15000 4100x1850x1000
RT2-560-9 560 950 25000 10000x1000x2500
RT2-800-9 800 950 30000 5000x4000x450
RT2-120-12 120 1200 2500 1500x800x600
RT2-210-12 210 1200 5000 2100x1050x750
RT2-560-12 560 1200 30000 3200x2000x1500

Please note:the above sizes are standard products ,we can also provide customized products according to customers' requests.


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