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Normal questions for heat treatment


     Recently many customers ask some questions about heat treatment. So we prepare some knowledge for your reference, hope it can help you to understand technology of heat treatment.

      1.What is heat treatment?

Heat treatment is adopting proper ways to heat solid metal or alloy, hold for certain time, and to cool at certain speed. This way will change the structure of solid metal or alloy, getting another performance that you need.

2.What is the aim of heat treatment?

Heat treatment will increase the performance of steel parts by proper heating to change inside structure of steel.

3.Which industries that heat treatment is applicable to?

It has wide application in motor-car industry, aerospace manufacturing, shipbuilding industry etc. Mainly heat treat kinds of metals, namely casting and forging.

4.What’s technical process of heat treatment?

Heating: critical point+△T

Hold temperature

Cooling: critical point-△T

5.What is the three bas technical process of heat treatment production line?




     6.Types of our industry furnaces:

Electrical resistance box type furnace, natural gas car bottom furnace/bogie hearth furnace, mesh belt hardening and tempering, pit type carburizing furnace etc.

7.What is the temperature zone of furnaces?


8.Our service and commitment:

A.      For large-scale equipment, we provide overseas services.

B.      For small furnace, we will finish debugging and making video before delivery.

   We promise the best quality, easy operation and safe using.